About PASI

The "Pan American Advanced Study Institutes" (PASI) Program, is a jointly supported initiative between the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Pan American Advanced Studies Institutes are short courses of two to four weeks duration, involving lectures, demonstrations, research seminars and discussion at the advanced graduate and post-doctoral level. PASIs aim to disseminate advanced scientific and engineering knowledge and stimulate training and cooperation among researchers of the Americas in the mathematical, physical, and biological sciences, and in engineering fields. Whenever feasible, an interdisciplinary approach is recommended.

The primary objectives of the proposed Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute on Estuarine Physics, Transport and Water Quality are to:
- Disseminate recent findings on estuarine physics, transport and water quality
- Engage more researchers in the topic while stimulating collaboration and exchanges among researchers from the Americas.

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